Patient Tools and Information

Voices of MRD: Where We’ve Been, Where We Are Now and Where We’re Going – Audience Questions Answered

On January 27, 2021, the MRD Testing Collaborative hosted a virtual event for patients, advocates, health care professionals and industry leaders about MRD testing. During the event, you asked questions about MRD testing and we answered them!

MRD Testing 101: Definitions to Know

Keeping track of various definitions related to your cancer treatment can be overwhelming. This helpful glossary defines the most common terms related to MRD testing and cancer therapy, to help patients better understand what MRD testing is and how MRD is measured.

Frequently Asked Questions

This frequently asked questions document provides a list of some of the most common MRD testing questions and answers, and is intended to help newly diagnosed blood cancer patients and their families better understand MRD, related terminology, and testing.

Questions to Ask Your Doctor Worksheet

Questions to Ask Your Doctor Reminder Card

Heading to an appointment with a doctor can be overwhelming, especially if you do not know what questions to ask. This palm-sized card is perfect to keep with you on-the-go, and outlines questions about MRD testing that can help guide discussions about treatment plans between patients and their doctor or specialist.